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Cebu Is Among The Nine Cities Featured In New Netflix Documentary Series, 'Street Food'

By GMA Network — 11.04.2019

Cebu is among the nine Asian destinations to be featured in the new Netflix documentary, "Street Food".

Created by the same brilliant people behind the beloved "Chef's Table," the upcoming gastronomic offering will explore the rich culture of, well, street food: the local legends making the delicious dishes, the family traditions behind them, and sometimes, even the necessity that pushed in their creation.

In in the Cebu episode of "Street Food", the men and women behind Cebuano dishes — Nilarang Bakasi, Lechon Cebu, Tuslob Buwa and Lumpia — will impart the rich history behind their spectacular culinary offerings.

Florencio “Entoy” Escabas, for instance, is the local hero who found a way to make his community a destination: he makes Nilarang Bakasi, a soured stew, with reef eel, making it truly something special.

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And then there's Leslie Enjambre, who has been in charge of her grandmother's Lechon Cebu business, which started in Talisay way back in the 1940's.

Local Ian Secong reinvents the centuries-old Tuslob-Buwa, or bubbling gravy made with sauteed onions, garlic and pig brains.

While through Rubilyn Diko Manayon, the world will finally learn about the cultural importance of party staple, lumpia.

Bangkok, Osaka, Singapore, and Seoul are among the Asian destinations that will also be featured in the documentary.

"Street Food" will be available for streaming on Netflix on April 26. Watch the trailer below:

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