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Film Industry Conference & Workshop Series @ Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino

By The Rights Stuff — 18.9.2018

The Road To International Film Co-Productions (Part 1)

Speakers on the panel:
Gin Kai Chan | Silver Media Group / Co-Producer, Eerie
Micah Tadena | Producer, Eerie
Mikhail Red | Director, Eerie

Jessel Monteverde | Director, Producer


During the Film Industry Conference 2018, Mr. Gin Kai Chan from Silver Media Group in Singapore iterates the importance of filmmakers and investors or financers, to have an open mind to the idea of co-productions in order to help the film industry grow faster. He shed light on companies that are either backed by private or government incentives, that dominate the film industry.

As most would concur, he believes that government incentives usually have a nationalistic agenda, by which they would urge filmmakers to comply to their demands - even if it’s not best for the movie. Private incentives, in contrast, care more about the filmmakers’ vision than their own agenda or benefits. The filmmakers, in turn, will garner the support of the financers as long as they the financer or the institute sees a potential in the filmmakers’ vision.

Speaking from experience, Mr. Gin shares about how the filmmakers of the movie Eerie, Mikhail Red and Micah Tadena’s openness to local and foreign investors led the joint partnership with the Silver Media Group to finance and produce the film. In putting the interest of the success of the film first, he mentioned that the sourcing of talents was not bounded by geographical limits. Silver Media Group sought talents from the East and the West, invested and partnered with various institutions so as to improve the quality and bring out the stellar content of the film.

They also invest to ensure the protection of IP rights but it does not end there. Education is key to ensuring sustainability. Mr. Gin further explains on how investors such as Silver Media Group help filmmakers in providing advice on how they can protect their IP rights and how they can expand their market and the way to garner the maximum profit out of their content. Investors commit to identifying the best IPs in the region and pave the way for a shot to go worldwide.

“We are working on an Asia Universe; if Marvel has their own universe and DC has their own, let us make our own universe. Silver Media tries to round up the best talents in Asia to make the Asia Universe. 60% of the world population is in Asia – there is potential to thrive as a region. When creating content, think of the world market. The local producers might not understand how to make things bigger."

"I encourage everyone to think that the playing field is big, it is worldwide. There will be investors in other parts of the world who will be interested.”
Key Facts:
Cast: Bea Alonzo, Jake Cuenca, Maxene Magalona, Gillian Vicencio & Charo Santos
Director/Writer Mikhail Red, Producer Micah Tadena, Cowriter Mariah Reodica and
Coproducer Taro Imai
Genre: Horror, mystery
Location: Philippines

Original Content by Alexandria Jamilla Bianca C. Kaluag