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Globe Telecom’s “Piracy vs Piracy” Campaign Shortlisted in Spikes Asia Awards and Boomerang Awards 2018

By The Manila Standard — 27.09.2018

The “Piracy vs Piracy” campaign hijacked platforms used for piracy and turned them into tools versus piracy. Globe Telecom released 10 local films as illegal downloads and streams on torrent sites, free movie pages, and free movie streaming during the Metro Manila Film Festival where incidences of local film piracy usually increases.


However, each film had a footage that viewers did not expect to see --- a cast or crew member interrupting the film to explain how piracy has affected their job and the industry where they work.  They also asked the viewers to consider watching the film legally instead of finding a new torrent or free movie website.


Within hours of uploading, thousands of people were made to realize that they just took part in a crime. With zero media budget, the campaign was shared worldwide, reaching over 2 million media impressions and viewed by over 500,000 offenders. Since it received many positive responses, the campaign was extended for another year.


“Piracy vs Piracy” is part of the #PlayItRight advocacy campaign of Globe to encourage its customers and the public to play content form legal sources and protect the copyright of its global partners while ensuring that is network, products, and services are not used in illegal activities.

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