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Short Form Filmmaking Viewed As Pathway To Successful Film Career

By Nikki Loke — 17.04.2018

The Viddsee forums, screenings and workshops, held at the College of St. Benilde and the Cinematheque Centre Manila, operated by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) included a mixed audience of students from film and mass communication schools in Metro Manila,teachers and working professionals.

All participants, including the many expert speakers attending the events, expressed their passion for film.

Panelist Marcus Mahn Cuong Vu from Vietnam, loved watching films since he was a child.

Once an economics professor at a university, he now organizes indie film festivals and owns a cafe with a flower shop. Susan Lee, who confessed to an ongoing fascination for film, applied for a position focussed on film and TV policy at the Motion Picture Association in Singapore, and made it her career. Then there is Paolo Villaluna, a Filipino college dropout, who spent time in the theater as an actor and later went on to became a successful director of indies, commercials and feature films.

Alem Ang, Viddsee Juree Philippines Awards Director, said many of the students came for the screenings of high quality short films made by local filmmakers. They were keen to see local familiar stories that resonated with them.

Young filmmakers Antoinette Jadaone and Sigrid Bernardo shared with the audience how they used the experience of making short films to improve their craft and build an audience for their storytelling. Both have since moved into feature filmmaking.

Much of the discussion during the panels workshopped how filmmakers can build an audience for their films in Southeast Asia.

Other topics of interest included writing and directing short films, pioneering an online community for short form filmmakers, protecting creative content and distributing films through existing and new digital models, and workshops on editing and color grading.

Panelists included Ho Jia Jian, Loic Valcheschini, Jose Javier Reyes, Peterson Vargas, Oggs Cruz, Lilit Reyes, Milo Tolentino, Will Fredo, Derrick Cabrido, Teddy Co, and Da Vinci Resolve.

Viddsee acknowledged the support of its partners for making the events possible: Adobe, Blackmagicdesign, CG Post, De La Salle-College of St. Benilde, FDCP, Lacie Made for Big Ideas, the Motion Picture Association, RODE and Seagate.

With a passion for making real-life stories, Nikki Loke has directed & produced short documentaries in Japan and Vietnam during her curriculum in Media and Communication Studies. She went on to work on several projects at Beach House Pictures, Asia's independent production company specialising in factual, entertainment and children's content. Nikki now manages content programming at Viddsee and works closely with filmmakers & festival curators in showcasing awesome short films to a global community.